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The human rights organization International Justice Mission e.V. (IJM) campaigns for the rights of poor people who are affected by violence worldwide. They specialize in combating human trafficking and modern slavery. Investigators, lawyers and social workers are in action 24/7 to free victims from this massive oppression. Together with the police, IJM also campaigns for the prosecution of offenders. In Germany, IJM educates about trafficking and modern slavery to mobilize politics, the economy and the public for more engagement to stop slavery worldwide. IJM realized the multisensory VR experience in THE HAUS, XI-Design, with the help of the Sound Designer Jascha Dormann, the Experience Designer Maren Demant from InvisibleRoom, the set designer Winnie Christiansen from trix and the VR-specialist Carl White from meshicon. The whole team was brought together by the VR-Business Club. The camera was sponsored from INVR.



Branche: Gesundheits- und Sozialwesen
Eingesetztes VR Device: Samsung Gear VR
Interaktion: Passiv
Emotionalität: sehr emotional
Immersionsgrad: multisensorisch
Innovationsgrad: innovativ
Purpose: Education
Distribution: Stationary
Reichweite: 1.000 - 100.000 users
Produktionsaufwand: €€€

Virtual Reality Experience in THE HAUS

Fight for justice! The Virtual Reality experience of International Justice Mission in #room514 may be shocking, but it’s important. Check out this clip with interviews of all the participants. Thanks to all supporters making this happen. We are very proud to have you in #thehaus.PLEASE SHARE, SPREAD THE WORD AND GET LOUD. TAKE A MOMENT TO TAKE IT IN – IT’S IMPORTANT.Special thanks to Katharina Waffenschmidt, Judith Kühl, Dietmar Roller, Lydia Strauss, Leonie Brandl and the whole crew from International Justice Mission that you save lives and fight for justice worldwide. You do a great job, we appreciate it very much!Thanks to AusserGewöhnlich Berlin for connecting us and IJM with Maren Courage and Oliver Autumn from VR Business Club. You guys connected the right people for this powerful VR production.Without the amazing and authentic actress India Antony, this emotional work would never have been the same! Sound Design & 360 Mix Jascha Dormann ( Scenic Design Winnie Christiansen ( Design & Direction Maren Demant ( Producer Carl White ( 360 Grad Camera sponsored by I N V R ( to Martin Koddenberg and Million Motions – Videoproduktion Berlin for the video documentation. With friendly support from Die Dixons.

Posted by THE HAUS – Berlin Art Bang on Donnerstag, 27. April 2017